"When I was 16 years old, a chance meeting and friendship with a close cousin of Jimmy Hendrix forever changed the path of my life. One day she asked me "would you like to see Jimmy's studio?" A quick phone call later and we were on our way to Electric Lady Studios. Although Jimmy had been long gone, you could still feel the mark he made on the studio. As soon as I stepped foot in the control rooms, I knew this was where I needed to be."


D&D Recording NYC
Head of Staff Recording and Mix Engineer.
10 years

Boondog Recording Studios NYC
Head of staff Recording and Mix Engineer, and Studio Management.
4 years

Staff Songwriter
Sony Music Publishing

Freelance Career

Recording, Mixing, Programming, Mastering, and Production: for Major and Independent Record labels, Independent Artists.
Studios: USA - Axis, Battery, Electric Lady, Sony, HIt Factory, Record Plant, Campo, Circle Sound, Warzone, Platinum Island, Soundtracks, Chung King, Quad.

Worked Internationally in the UK, Melbourne and Sydney Australia.

Technical Skills

Digital / Analog Recording and Mix Engineering, Mastering, Programming, Production, and Songwriting
DAW: Pro Tools, Logic, Soundblade 2
Production hardware: Native Instruments Maschine Studio 2
Pitch Correction: Melodyne, Autotune, Waves
Virtual Instruments: Omnisphere 2, Stylus RMX, reFX Nexus 2, Output Signal / Substance / and Exhale, Native Instruments, Avid, Vienna Symphonic, and many more..
Analog Consoles: Solid State Logic, Neve, API, MCI, Harrison, and Trident.

Instruments played

Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards "not a virtuoso piano player, but highly competent for programming and creativity"

Other Skills

Over the years I have operated personal and commercial studios in the NYC area. I have vast experience in studio and staff management, administrative business duties, as well as booking and sourcing clientele.

Personal Production Studio

My current production location is in Kent CT. I have a Class-A Production System comprised of up-to-date Digital Tools, Mastering Grade Converters, and a select variety of Analog equipment.

Equipment List:

Analog Processing:

  • Tonelux Class-A Console with summing and reference level monitoring.
  • Summit / Neve MPE-200 digitally controlled analog equalizer. Award winning design.
  • Daking Audio prototype equalizers. These are two of only 12 units ever made. They are faithful no expense spared reproductions of the famed Trident A-Range Console EQ.
  • Dave Hill Designs Tritan compressor-limiters (Modified.)
  • Hand Crafted Labs Varis. Variable Mu valve compressor.
  • Tonelux TXC compressor-limiters. Similar concept to the API 2500, but also gets extremely fast and punchy like an SSL console compressor

Converters-Digital processors:

  • Crane Song HEDD 192 with tube and tape emulations.
  • Lavry Engineering 4496 M-AD 824 and M-DA 824.
  • Avid HD I/O 192
  • Whole Grain Digital Systems dynamics and equalizer.
  • Sonoris Audio Engineering compressor and equalizer.
  • Sonnox Oxford dynamics, equalizer, Transient Designer, Inflator, Supressor, and Limiter.
  • Voxengo Elephant mastering brickwall limiter.
  • iZotope Ozone 8 and Insight mastering equalizer, dynamics, and meetering.
  • Virtual Instruments by Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, reFX, Output, Vienna, and many more.

Production Software, Work Stations, and Computing:

  • Pro Tools 10 HD 3 Accel
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 6
  • SoundBlade 2 mastering and authoring DAW.
  • SoundBlade Process reference quality sample rate converter, dither, and batch processor.
  • Sonnox Codec Toolbox batch encoding and meta data editing for MP3 and AAC formats.
  • Mac Pro and MacBook Pro linked via eithernet for dual production systems.
  • Work surfaces and Midi Controllers: Native Instruments Maschine Studio, Nektar Panorama P4 49-Midi Controller.

Notable, Platinum, Gold, and Technical Achievement Awarded Projects:

  • Deee-Lite - Recording and Mix Engineer, Additional Production "World Clique" including the hit singles "Groove Is In The Heart" and "What is Love" (I was dubbed by the band "The master of Grooveology." #1 Album and Group of the year for both Spin Magazine and the NY Times.)
  • Two in a Room - Recording and Mix Engineer "Wiggle It!" NYC Dance Club anthem. Was also the #1 Club Play and Sales in the same week in Billboard Magazine.)
  • Erasure - Recording and Mix Engineer "Love is Colder Than Death" and "Za Za Gabor" (Was the B-Side release of the global hit single "A Little Respect")
  • Chubby Checker - Producer, Recording, Mix, and Mastering Engineer  "The Twist" (Recently listed as the #1 Record of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine, selling over 350 million copies. This remixed version is currently most played at radio, and currently outselling all previous versions. The project comprised of heat baking the original master tape, and then painstakingly restoring the audio, and replacing elements with new performances etc.. )
  • Sinead O'Connor - Remix Engineer "Stretched on Your Grave" (Club Remix, charted #1 on Billboard and Rolling Stone Magazines.)

Recent Notable Projects

  • Mixed the new "The Cro Mags" EP.
  • Engineered and Produced "Amanda Ayla" contestant on The Voice.
  • Engineered and Produced "Le Sonic, featuring Lauran Beluzo from American Idol."
  • Mastered live audio mixes and studio recordings for a "Graham Nash" solo release.

Highlights from my Discography

Deee-Lite, Erasure, Sinead O'Connor, Graham Nash, They Might Be Giants, The Cro Mags, Amanda Ayala, Abigail Breslin, Don DiLego, Beautiful Small Machines, Ben Arthur, Two In A Room, Hollis Brown, Chubby Checker, Lost Elysium, Chloe Temtchine, Liquid Soul, Bree Sharp, Dead Heavens, Saul Williams, Rise Robots Rise, Die Warzau, Slaughter House, Company Flow, Two Without Hats, Mark Anthony, The Fat Boys, Doug E Fresh, Doc Ice, Dennis Brown, Poe, Steel Pulse, Gold Finger, Frankie Paul, The Blow Monkeys, Corina, Book Of Love, Coro, TKA, Sweet Sensation, Third Eye, Hunters and Collectors, Kate Ceberano, The Reels, Poi Dog Pondering, The Latin Rascals, Barbara Tucker, Gwen Guthrie, Leslie Gore, Charley Gracie, and more...

Although not listed in my Discography, I have also recorded and mixed Jazz and Classical projects as well...